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Michaela Weeks 

Just Like Me
When Britney Met Michaela!

Michaela is often asked about the time she met Britney Spears! So, she asked us to share the story here on her website for all to read in its full Glorious detail... and believe us when we tell you, the whole thing is nothing short of spectacular! Lets get started shall we...

It all started on 31st October 2014 - Michaela was vacationing in Las Vegas for the first time! She had never really planned on visiting Sin City, that was of course, until Britney Spears announced she would be performing a 2 year residency at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, starting in late 2013.

Michaela booked the trip to Las Vegas as a surprise for her FiancĂ©'s 30th birthday! Later, they decided that after being engaged for 5 years with no real wedding plans in place, they might as well tie the knot while in Las Vegas! A big wedding had never really appealed to Michaela, life was more about her performances and all things Britney!! So, when Craig suggested they could get married in the same chapel that Britney had iconically married Jason Alexander in back in 2004 - there really wasn't a better opportunity! The trip was shaping up to be an exciting one before the plane had even left London's Heathrow!

With plans to get married one early date in November Michaela excitedly booked tickets to Britney's "Piece of Me" show at the Axis theatre for 1st November 2014 - "It will be like I had a hen party with Britney Spears!" Michaela excitedly told her friends and family after she booked her tickets! 

Planning ahead Michaela decided to pack her iconic "Toxic" air hostess costume seeing as they would be spending Halloween in Las Vegas! Halloween in USA is celebrated much more broadly than in the UK, so Michaela decided it could be fun to go out as Britney for Halloween! 

October 31st soon approached and Britney Spears announced a competition on Social Media; The competition was for fans to come to her show dressed as Britney to be in with a chance of winning a pair of VIP upgraded seats at her show! She called the competition #Britween and told her fans to share photos of them in their costumes at the theatre using the same hashtag! 

However, Michaela's tickets were for November 1st, not October 31st! She was upset that she wouldn't be able to enter the competition, especially seeing as she had brought her favourite costume with her! "It would have been perfect" Michaela thought.

Not wanting to miss out on a Britney themed night Michaela and Craig decided they would go to The Axis Theatre before the show to see all the fans in their Britney inspired costumes! "I really couldn't decide whether to wear my "Toxic" outfit or not" Reminisces Michaela, "I desperately wanted to join in with the Halloween fun but I didn't want to feel silly with not going to the show. Plus Craig wasn't dressing up for Halloween either... Before we left our hotel I was so close to getting changed into some normal clothes - Im so thankful now that I didn't, and that I braved going out in my costume instead!!"

They took a Cab to Planet Hollywood which turned out to be a nerve settler for Michaela as the Taxi driver excitedly asked for a photo with her and proclaimed he was going to tell all his friends that "Britney Spears" was in his cab!

As they arrived at Planet Hollywood Michaela felt a little awkward again as people began to stare, and whisper between themselves - Just then a girl approached her and said "Oh my goodness - you're sure to win the Britween contest! You look so much like Britney! Can we please have a photo together?!" Michaela posed for a photo and soon enough a queue started to form around her! She met with other Britney fans who wore costumes and began having a great time meeting everyone! 

After the amazing response outside of the theatre Craig asked Michaela if she wanted to get tickets to tonights show! After all, every single person she spoke to assumed she was going, and was sure she would win the competition!! Michaela agreed to get the cheapest tickets to the show - with seats right at the back of the theatre - The plan was that Michaela could enter the competition and the worse case scenario would be that she would get to see the show twice! So they brought two tickets at $98 each at joined the queue into the theatre.

As they went through security at the entrance, a lady pulled Michaela to the side and told her "You look amazing! I'm going to upgrade your ticket to the pits!" (The Pits were the standing sections at the front of the arena and cost significantly more!) 

"I felt like I had won the competition in that moment alone!" Remembers Michaela "I knew I hadn't "officially" won but I got a free ticket upgrade and that's what the comp was all about, right!? I couldnt believe my luck!"

As Michaela walked into the foyer of the arena she took a photo next to Britney's original "Toxic" costume, when once again a huge queue formed around her with fans asking for photos with her. "Its the biggest compliment to me when Britney Spears fans ask me for a photo" explains Michaela "They adore her as much as I do, and so if they think Britney and I are alike, that makes me so happy!"

Amidst having photos and selfies with Britney's Fans a dark haired woman approached Michaela "Hi Im Robyn, Im Britney's Official photographer - you look so much like her, can I get some pictures of you?" Michaela agreed in complete awe as Robyn took her hand and lead her to the Merchandise stand and snapped some pictures of Michaela under the "Britney" logo above! Michaela felt so flattered that Britney's official photographer wanted to take photos of her because she looked like Britney - The photos were later shared on Britney's Facebook page.

Next up was Britney's dancers, Willie Gomez & Zac Brezenas; Both had came out into the foyer in Halloween costumes to meet some of Britney's fans before the show! "Wow, you look great!" said Zac "I thought you were Britney for a moment!" Michaela asked for a photo for her memories, and they both posed next to her.

Soon enough it was time to head into the theatre and find a spot to watch the show! Michaela and Craig headed down to the "pits" with their newly upgraded tickets, after choosing their spot another lady approached, "Hi, are you @Britalike?" - This is Michaela's Twitter handle, she had post a picture of herself next to Britney's Toxic costume earlier using the hashtag Britween. Michaela confirmed it was her and the lady introduced herself as Britney's PA, "Your the Britween winner! Britney hand picked you herself! Congratulations! Would you like me to show you to your VIP seats!?" Michaela could not believe what she was hearing! She had won the competition, and Britney Spears had chosen her!

They went to the VIP seats and before Michaela could settle into her new spot someone else had tapped her on the shoulder, "Hi there, Im Feli...", "Oh my gosh! I know who you are!" Michaela interrupted her with excitement "Its so nice to meet you!" Felicia then asked to take a photo of Michaela saying "Britney is gonna freak out when she sees this!"

Once Felicia left, Michaela turned to a confused looking Craig to explain who that was!!! "That was Felicia - she was Britney's PA from the beginning of time! She was the best...." Michaela was distracted by another tap on her shoulder, turning around she was greeted with a deep southern male's voice "Well hello there darlin', Its a pleasure to meet you, I wanted to introduce you to some friends of mine!" The large man in front of her was Britney Spears Father and current conservator Mr Jamie Spears! He introduced a couple of his friends to Michaela before having a photo and disappearing. "That was Britney's fucking Dad!!!" Michaela screamed at Craig with eyes as wide a saucers! "What is going on!? This is unreal!" Before she could compose herself there was another Tap on her shoulder.... Starting to wonder who on earth this could be, Michaela was delighted as she turned to face Ms Lynne Spears, Britney's Mother, who was joined by two small boys at her side, Sean Preston and Jayden James - Britney's two sons! "Hi its nice to meet you" exclaimed Lynne, "Boys, doesn't this lady look just like your Momma?" The boys, half hiding behind behind their Grandmothers arm looked up at Michaela and nodded shyly! Michaela Thanked Britney's Mom for the compliment, Lynne replied "Its just unbelievable how much you look like her!" - This one comment topped all other previous moments leading up to this point! Britney Spears own mother couldn't believe on the likeness the two shared!

Trying to process all that had happened so far Michaela was close to tears. She and Craig stood for a moment staring in disbelief! "This is unreal! Is this really happening?" Michaela began to ask Craig when they were interrupted by a large man from security "Hi, Britney would like to meet you backstage for a photo! Would you like to come with me?" Michaela's Jaw hit the floor. The countdown for the show had already began, with large numbers decreasing on the screens that wrapped around the theatre. Michaela quickly followed security out of the fire escape into a rear carpark - Her and Craig passed Sean Preston and Jayden James once again, who at this point, were skateboarding up and down a pathway. Security then lead them back into the building through another entrance where they were told Britney would join them shortly...

As Michaela nervously waited, staff and "Team Britney" were dashing around busily, Larry Rudolf, Britney's Manager, stood close by along with Britney's personal security guard Edan. "Are you a big fan of Britney's?" Edan asked, "Yes, I think she's great!" Michaela responded. "Have you ever considered being a decoy for Britney?" he asked "That would be a dream! I would love to do that" Michaela replied as he handed her his business card. By this point Michaela's head was in a spin!

"Hi" came a sweet voice out of nowhere, Michaela turned to see a beautiful Britney Spears in a pale pink wig! "oh wow!" exclaimed Michaela "You look amazing!", "Thank you" replied Britney as she leaned in for a photograph. The pair had a photo together before Britney was whisked away to begin the show. "Have a great show!" Michaela called after her, to which Britney spun around, winked and said "Thank you" once again.

Michaela and Craig returned to their seats and enjoyed the show together in total disbelief of what had just unfolded. 

After the show numerous people approached Michaela, "Your the girl who met Britney Tonight!!" one exclaimed "Yeah, how did you know?" asked Michaela "Haven't you seen? Britney posted your picture on her Twitter!" Michaela frantically connected her phone to the nearest WiFi only to discover she couldn't do a single thing with her phone for five minutes as notifications flooded her screen! 

Britney had indeed, shared their picture on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and tagged Michaela in the post. She wrote "Give it up for our #Britween contest winner... So nice to meet you @Britalike :) Thx for coming from the UK"

Not only was this event now all over social media but news articles had began reporting about Michaela and Britney's likeness. Most articles included quizzes which asked the public to guess which of them was the real Britney Spears.

Michaela was living on a cloud and was even more excited to return to Planet Hollywood the following night - This was the night she had originally purchased tickets for!

Deciding to dress in her regular attire, Michaela was pleasantly surprised to see Felicia once again, " does it feel to have your face all over the internet!?" she asked Michaela with a cheeky grin. The two talked a little more before Felicia shared the story of how Britney's Sons, Preston & Jayden had spotted Michaela backstage the night before as she was being lead to meet Britney. They had asked their minder "Wait, was that Momma?" - The two were confused as to why their mother had walked past them without stopping to be with them, or say hello - they hadn't realised it was actually Michaela who had walked past and not Britney! 

Fast forward a year and a half later to the summer of 2016, and Britney Spears released her next Album "Glory" - It was known amongst fans that Britney had been working on this album for well over a year, which meant she would have been writing and possibly recording songs around the time that she and Michaela had met. 

Upon listening to the Album for the first time Michaela was in for another surprise... Track number Nine on the Album was titled "Just Like Me" - Michaela wondered if it would be a song about Britney's two Sons, and how they're like their Mother, but as she hit play it became clear that was not what this track was about... Suddenly the chorus kicked in and Michaela began to shake, could it be? Was this possible? The lyrics repeated aloud "And i just can't believe, she looks, just like me... just like me. No, I just can't believe, she looks, just like me... just like me!"

Michaela started to wonder if she was losing all touch with reality... did Britney Spears write a song that was inspired by their meeting?? She replayed it again, and again - Then it occurred to her, Britney may not have even wrote the song - Surely if it was inspired by their meeting, that would mean Britney would have had to have wrote the song herself - Michaela quickly looked up who wrote this track on the CD sleeve- and there it was in Black and white - Co-written by Britney Spears.

Whether this was in actual fact inspired by Britney's meeting with Michaela we don't know, but the coincidence is undeniable. 

Convincing herself Britney wouldn't have remembered her, Michaela had some doubts that the song could have been inspired by her. After all she was a small town girl, from the UK - Would Britney Spears even have remembered her after that night??

Two months passed and it was a few days before Halloween 2016, Michaela was backstage getting ready for a surprise birthday party in the UK when her phone started to flood with messages and notifications - unsure of what was happening she picked up her phone to see that Britney had shared their picture from 2014 once AGAIN! This time the Pop star wrote "I can't wait to see your costumes tonight at #PieceOfMe. Going to pick my favourite to come backstage to say hi. Ill never forget Michaela!"

"Ill never forget Michaela!" - Michaela's eyes fixated on this last comment - It was two years later and Britney Spears did remember her! Then the lyrics of the song began to replay in her mind once again. "I just can't believe, she looks just like me..."

Listen below to a clip of Britney Spears Song "Just Like Me", and decide for yourself... Is it a coincidence? Or did Britney Spears write a song about a girl who looks "just like" her just after she and her professional team and family met Michaela and were all shocked by the likeness the two shared.

Just Like Me

When asked by NME where the idea for the song came from, Britney replied: "Me and my girlfriend, we came up with that. The idea of coming home and seeing the one you love with a girl that looks identical to you is just completely devastating."

Did this conversation conspire between Britney and her friend after she shared the picture of herself and Michaela on her social media? The girl that looks identical to her? We don't know for sure, but we think it is very likely! What do you think?